The End of the Relationship

Life can be difficult even in modern times, and some couples have found it is the end of the relationship when they are unable to work through a particular situation. It might come out after years of marriage that one of them has an issue the other is unwilling to face, or they might simply find they have grown apart as the years progressed. No matter what the cause may be, it can be difficult for them to walk away from each other without hurt feelings. Those who have been surprised at the events leading up to the breakup are often the ones hardest hit by the emotional turmoil of their loss.

Drifting Away

Adults in a long term relationship have often found it is best to have social contacts other than their spouse, and it often helps their marriage prosper when they spend at least part of the day away from each other. If both of them are pursuing their own careers, they might find they are drifting away from each other as the years pass. Some of them might realize it early enough to make important changes, but others can suddenly find they have nothing to discuss over dinner. A few years of that type of behavior, and each of them might realize their feelings have slipped away. It could be good for them to decide to pursue other relationships and simply remain friends.

A Surprise Announcement

The reality of long term commitments is that many people in them take life for granted, and they seldom make waves that will affect their partner. They might have secret yearnings, but they would rather not tell their spouse how they truly feel to keep the relationship from becoming a minefield. These are often the people who stop communicating with each other, and a surprise announcement that a spouse has found someone else could rock their world with no warning. Like an earthquake, it could destroy their secure footing with no notice.

A Mutual Decision

There are some relationships that end with a mutual decision that it is for the best if both partners seek out others, but it is seldom the case. Divorce has become a battleground between spouses seeking to win the upper hand when it comes to assets, and many societies now encourage them to fight it out with professional help. For those who have simply lost interest in each other, splitting assets and memories should be done with dignity that will serve both partners in their future relationships.

It is never easy to end a relationship, and those who do it might feel regret after they have moved on. Even those who have already found someone new might find years later that they made the wrong choice, but they have no way back to the relationship they once threw away. For those who find they have drifted away from each other, early intervention can save their marriage. When it is a mutual decision between two people, keeping it from becoming a battleground will ensure they have a better future with others.