Outside of the Relationship

There are always people who believe the grass is greener somewhere else, and some of them have found they feel that way with their relationships. They often fail to commit to being with one person because they fear losing out when someone better comes along, so they are destined to be left in the end. Their fear of commitment might come from a childhood lack, or it could be that they simply do not know what they really seek. For these types of people, faithfulness can be an elusive goal they might never achieve with anyone.

Continually Seeking

People who are always looking for something better might not seem any different from others, so it can be a problem for their partners. They might seem like a good catch when first viewed in light of a long term relationship, but their lack of ability to make a commitment will eventually shine through. They might go as far as being married, but their thoughts will always be on what they might be missing. The lack of trust they have could come out as a lack they find in their partner, and it will eventually sour any hope for a good future between them because they are continually seeking something they will never find with the person they have married.

Not Supportive

When a person does not want to be with their partner, they tend to find excuses to put them on the defensive. They are not supportive when their spouse has needs, and they do their best to make even their strengths into weaknesses. They could be looking for excuses to get out of the relationship, or they might just be trying to hide their own lack of faithfulness. It matters little what they want because their attempts to get it will destroy any chance they have of holding on to what they have already accomplished.

Secretly Dating

When a relationship begins to fail in the eyes of one of the partners, they often begin secretly dating. Rather than work to correct the issues in their current relationship, their new goal is to be all set up for when they lose what they have. This is a repeating pattern for many, but it can be stopped. Instead of dating others with the goal of breaking their relationship, they can date the Manchester escorts at Boudoir who are professionals. They are not interested in a relationship with their clients, but their socialization abilities might be a good way to help a restless person realize their relationship can be mended.

It is never easy to be a person with this type of emotional problem, and they often suffer as much as those they trick into relationships. Leaving might be hard on their spouses at first, but they might eventually find a good relationship with someone who truly loves them. The person suffering from a lack of trust in their partners will always be busy seeking happiness they might never be able to find because the perfect mate for them will never exist.